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  • Past 2015 ICAT Conference Announcement
  • 2015 ICAT

  • Conference Announcement

    The Committee of 2015 ICAT invite you to the International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology

    - Event Outline -

    The purpose of this conference is to exchange information about advanced technology of automotive among national and private research institutes(centers), universities, automobile companies and automotive components makers to develop and guarantee sustainable technology


    International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology


    2015.8.20.(Thu.) ~2015.8.22(Sat.)

    Number of Guests Expected

    300 guests from over 5 countries


    Automobile Research Center in Chonnam National University, Korea Automotive Technology Institute, Gwangju Institute of Green-Car Advancement, Gwangju Technopark, Gwangju Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, Kimdaejung Convention Center


    Gwangju Metropolitan City, The Korean Society of Automotive Engineers, Korea Tourism Organization, Gwangju Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Event Venue

    Kimdaejung Convention Center

    Main program

    - ICAT Opening ceremony / GreenCar KOREA 2015(Exhibition)

    - Plenary Ⅰ&Ⅱ

    - Keynote speech: Powertrain, Weight reduction, IT, Policy(International 9, Korean 7)

    - Poster session : Company (Korean 9, International l5), Graduated students (Korean 15, International 5)

    ※ Exhibition of GreenCar Korea will be held at the same time.